Recovery after an accident can be hard, but it’s important to recognize that these emotional effects are normal and it’s important to seek help to manage them.

Emotional distress after an accident can lead to many symptoms including:

Guilt-Self Blame
Anxiety/Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
Social Withdrawal/Isolation

These symptoms can severely interrupt an individual’s life and may cause them difficulty in going to work, attending school, or even getting out of bed in the morning.  Some people may be too fearful of another accident to get back in the car.


Recovery from the emotional component of injury takes time.  There is a stigma in our culture about mental health issues that leads people to denying that they have a problem.  The invisible nature of many MVA injuries, such as whiplash or an acute stress reaction, lends itself to skepticism from friends, family and insurance companies as to the truth of your injury, but only you know how you feel.  You must be honest with yourself and take your symptoms seriously, both physical and mentally.


Contact your doctor for help with medications, referrals for x-rays/ultrsasounds/MRI’s, or for other health practitioners

Stay engaged in your daily life and routine .  Exercise, eating healthy and performing activities of daily living are all great ways to combat the effects of anxiety.

Learn to be a defensive driver.  Use the help of a qualified driving therapist to provide strategies to re-build confidence while behind the wheel or as a passenger.

Talk about your experience with your family, friends, or qualified Psychologists for support, coping mechanisms and reassurance.

Along with creating a recovery plan for physical injuries following a motor vehicle accident, APEX Health Network has professionals who will also focus on your emotional recovery.  This plan is not a one size fits all, it is customized to each individual’s needs.  Make one call to APEX to take care of you physically and mentally.  Your recovery starts here.


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